Scholarship Award Ceremony Concert

The Scholarship Award Ceremony Concert is designed for showcasing PAFAA Scholarship winners and to provide community exposure to artistic performance. Scholarship winners officially accept awards in the ceremony before they perform in the concert.  Occasionally, individual artists and groups in the community are invited to join the Concert as special guest performers. In the past decade, the concert has featured many talented instrumentalist in piano, violin, cello, flute, xylophone, opera and Broadway musical singers, and Ballet, Western & Asian ethnic dancers as well. During the past six scholarships program, some two hundred applicants have joined the audition to compete for the scholarships.  As a result of the audition, approximately 60 candidates were selected to receive PAFAA Scholarships. The past six Concerts all took place at the Chinese Culture Center in El Monte, California. Generally speaking, PAFAA Scholarship Award Ceremony Concert has inspired many young performing artists and generated tremendous amount of community interest and support.